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JVC DLA-RS2 Home Theater Projector: Physical Tour 2

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Art Feierman

Moving to the back of the JVC RS2 projector, and its control panel.

I would say that the RS2 is pretty basic, in terms of inputs and outputs.

There are two HDMI inputs (both 1.3 HDMI, up from 1.2 HDMI on the RS1), one component video input (3 RCA jacks), and the usual S-video and composite video inputs. In addition, there is an RS-232 port for command and control from a computer, and the rear infra-red sensor.

The inputs are located in a small area on the left rear. Spacing is tight. For example I tried to hook up one HDMI input with an HDMI cable, and the second HDMI input with a cable with DVI connector, and adapter to HDMI on the other. The wider DVI made having both in at the same time impossible. Even the spacing between the three RCA jacks for the component cable is tight. Other than the DVI/adapter, next to the HDMI, everything else fit, even if tight. There is also a screw removable door next to HDMI2, possibly for an upgrade?

I would have liked to see a 3rd HDMI input, and maybe even a 2nd component video input. Most projectors in this price range have 2 HDMI's (only the Optoma HD81 has 3 (the BenQ has one...). Some have a second component video input.

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What the JVC DLA-RS2 seriously lacks, however, is a standard analog PC input

That's my same complaint as with the RS1 (and HD1, its twin). I do like to project from my laptop, and almost all home theater projectors support an analog computer input. To feed a computer input to the RS2, will require a bit of expense, to convert the analog PC signal to HDMI, if your computer lacks HDMI. Fortunately for me, I have a MacBook Pro laptop, with HDMI out (actually DVI), and it works flawlessly with the JVC DLA-RS2

Directly below the input panel area is the recessed power receptacle.

If you are looking at the projector from the back, there is a user cleanable filter that slides out from the right side bottom. The manual says "clean regularly" but gives no specific number of hours. For heavy users, probably once a month is a good idea, although few people clean their filters as often as they should. The lamp door for replacing the lamp is also on that side. Myself, having the older RS1 now for 7 months, have only cleaned the filter twice, with no visible side effects, and my lamp has just reached 1000 hours of use. (I'm planning a 3rd cleaning in the next week or so.) The cleaner the filter, the cooler the projector will run, and that should translate into slightly more lamp life.

Most projectors recommend some clearance numbers for good ventilation. Of note, the JVC RS2 (and HD100) recommend 8 inches behind the projector if you are shelf mounting.

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