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JVC DLA-RS2 Picture Quality - LCoS Home Theater Projector Review

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Art Feierman

JVC RS2 Home Theater Projector: Skin Tones

Whether you use the default Cinema setting (color temperature set to low), or slightly adjust the grayscale balance using one of the Color Temperature memory settings, skin tones look great. The difference between the settings I mention below in the calibration area, and the default Low color temperature settings, are so slight that one can barely spot a change, toggling between the two.

Images provided here do use the Memory 1 settings that I ended up with, but using Low results in just a touch warmer color balance.

The only other image I have for you from SD-DVD is a bit different. It is from Sin City, utilizing primarily black and white or sepia and white film balance, not color. In addition, Sin City often adds spot colors (notably bright red and yellow) on some objects in some scenes. In this case, the closeup of Nancy in the bar is captured in a sepia tone look. That considered, the result is very impressive, considering the technique.

Moving to hi-def DVD's all the remaining images in the Skin Tone section, are from Blu-ray disc.

The first images are from the re-release of The Fifth Element on Blu-ray.
An early Blu-ray version of this movie was available when the first Blu-ray players shipped, but, unlike the original SD-DVD version, legendary for its production qualities, the first Blu-ray version was not impressive. This new version is excellent

Bottom Line: The JVC RS2 has no problem at all in faithfully reproducing skin tones. They are well saturated, no apparent shift in color, and very natural looking. I spent at least 25 hours viewing parts of movies, and was never disappointed.

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