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JVC RS2 Home Theater Projector Review - General Performance

Posted on December 25, 2010 by Art Feierman


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JVC RS2 User Memory Settings

The JVC offers three User memory settings, found below the three primary image profiles (Cinema, Natural, and Dynamic). In addition there are two savable Memory settings for Color Temperature, which can be incorporated into the user savable memory settings.

JVC DLA-RS2 Projector - Remote Control

Nothing like a really good remote control, and the JVC RS2's remote is very good. Identical to the remote that came with the RS1, the RS2's remote control is long and thin, and very light (I wouldn't mind a little more weight), it should be easy to handle by large hands and small alike.

Things I consider very important in a remote, include a layout that is easily workable with one hand, and the JVC remote does that just fine. Another key issue is backlight brightness, and the JVC's backlight is nice and bright. Speaking of backlights, the button to engage the backlight is in the lower right corner, very easy to access. By comparison, many (including the Sony VW50) put it in the top left, much harder to get to.

From the top: On the left is a very small Off button (press twice for off) and opposite it a larger On button.

After a nice space, come the six source buttons in two rows of three, with the "hi-res" buttons on the first row - HDMI 1 and 2, and Component video.

Next comes three large buttons for the primary presets - Cinema, Natural, and Dynamic. The change in shape makes those easy to NOT confuse with the source buttons.

The row below that has the three User savable settings buttons, and then the next two rows have (left) color saturation +, and - (the minus is below the + button. In the center, the + and - for Sharpness, and on the right, a Gamma and below it, Color Temp button.

OK, next left is a rocker bar for Contrast + and -, and right, the same for brightness. In between these two large rockers, is a small Info button (on top) and the image mute (labeled HIDE), button.

That takes us to the usual navigation area, with the Menu button on the left, Exit, which moves you back up a menu level on the right, and the four arrow keys in the usual diamond configuration, with a large Enter button in the center.

That's it, except for the Test button on the bottom left, and the previously mentioned backlight button on the right. The Test button toggles you through a number of built in test patterns, including full color bars, gray scale, and separate Red, Green and Blue gradation screens.

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