Optoma GT760 Projector Specifications

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  • dusjagai

    Did you experience much/any rainbow-effect from the gt760?

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      The GT760 has a very slow color wheel. Optoma doesn’t publish a color wheel speed, and we don’t measure, but the consensus (on forums, etc.) is that it is a 2x wheel, which is the slowest. So the answer should be – it will be as noticeable as a DLP projector can be. Of course you need a rainbow sensitive person to see rainbows, and I didn’t review the projector (I’m very typically rainbow sensitive)–Dave Rodgers did–so can’t say from first hand experience.

      That said, assume that you will see maximum or near maximum rainbows if you are rbe sensitive. Typically BenQ color wheels are faster, as I believe are Viewsonics, if that helps. But if you are a hard core gamer, Optoma is the manufacturer of DLP home projectors, that is most focused on creating good gaming machines. Thus the GT designation – as in GameTime. -art

      • dusjagai

        That certainly helps and I’ll keep that in mind. It’s a shame that something so simple to change can bring down a pj with so many positives. At least I’d THINK a company choosing which speed/wheel/firmware to go with would be easy, I’d say maybe only the slow combination can create those low lagtimes but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen examples proving otherwise. Maybe it’s just a cost cutting measure?

        As it’s not always mentioned, have any of you reviewers happened across any projectors in the gt760’s pricerange that feature CMS?

        • ProjectorReviews.com

          Keep in mind, that best we can tell, only a small percentage of folks are rainbow sensitive. I’ve never been able to get a handle on it, but I would expect it’s somewhere around 5%, maybe 10% maximum. I’m the only rainbow sensitive person among my immediate family and friends that pass through my theater. -art

          • dusjagai

            I’ve been bothered by RBE in the past, but I’m also concerned that a friend or family member might not be able to enjoy the experience of a movie night. I love the look and fill-ratio of dlp.

            Do you have any suggestions for faster wheeled dlp’s under $900 that are native 720p and able to put out a watchable, colorful image (hoping to avoid white segment wheels) with respectable contrast for that price?

          • ProjectorReviews.com

            Hi, we just haven’t reviewed many 720p projectors in the last year or two (plenty of 1080p’s to keep us busy).

            BenQ usually is a best bet for faster color wheels. The W1070’s isn’t that fast, but it’s 3x, which beats 2x. (and it’s 1080p) I see rainbows when watching it, but it’s a lot better than the last couple of Optoma’s to go through here. Where you want to be, probably is 5X, but to my knowledge, there’s nothing new around your price point.

            Perhaps an old BenQ W6000 used, if you can find one and are open to used? -art

          • dusjagai

            I don’t have anything against 1080p, it’s just not a requirement as all my highest res content still caps at 720 and I didn’t think there’d be many options in my price range. I’m glad you mentioned the w1070 at 3X since I’ve heard its quoted 6X only works on lower Hz electric and higher refresh video..which leaves out the US and 1080p24Hz vi
            I’ve read good things about the mw663 and it’s lack of rbe as well as fairly good video quality for a business pj (and assumed rgbcyw wheel). If I can find a generous enough vendor, maybe I’ll get a chance to compare them and see if I’m picky enough to warrant the price difference and go for the likely much nicer w1070.

            I’m not brave enough to go used yet unless it’s throwaway cheap. Thanks for the help and quick replies.

          • dusjagai

            I’m new to all this, do you have any idea why the replacement bulb for the benq mw663 is so hard to find when the pj launched a year ago? Benq doesn’t even carry it and most retailers are no longer keeping stock. Does benq typically drop support for inexpensive models this fast, or is it possible they’re just slow to add support?

  • Bobby

    Was any comparison done between this and budget 1080p projectors that are only about $100 more than this one? Reason I ask is I’m wondering how much visual detail difference will I see between the GT760 and the Optoma HD131Xe for example at 10′. I think at that throw I can only get an 84″ to 96″ screen for the 131Xe. So lets say at 84″ at 9′ to 10′ viewing distance, would the difference in 720p and 1080p but hugely noticeable with these projectors? And what if I wanted to sit closer to it to game on? Say at 4′ or 5′ view distance on an 84″ screen. I like to sim race and have a rig that I’d like to move closer to the screen to race on vs sitting ~9′ back on the couch and playing a console game or watching a movie. By the way the room I am putting it in is a spare bedroom (my mini man-cave) that is 9′ x 10′.

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Hi Bobby, No direct comparison, but to answer your questions. Yes, you will see a difference, remember 1080p has 2.25 times as many pixels. For a 720p image, lets say for movie watching without visible pixels, except maybe on credits, figure for your 96″ screen size, you would want to be 15 feet back.

      So yes, if you want to sit really close the pixels will be visible. The GT series are gamers built for budget. From what you are saying you will want the higher resolution. Give or take some difference in input lag times and using the right settings, both are just fine for serious gaming, but if you want the detail, go 1080p, such as the 131xe. -art

  • Chris Read

    Hello Art!

    You get asked a million questions, and I’m sorry to add another but I’ll keep it short and sweet. Do you plan on reviewing the GT1080? I’ve been wanting a projector for at least 4 years now (I’m only 24) and games/movies are my main uses. I’m a gadget junkie, so I will have a pull down in my home, as well as a portable for bringing it around town. The reason I’ve held off for so long is mainly cost but with this one just coming out and being around 750 at its great “on paper” specs I can’t find a downside. There are also no reviews I can find that aren’t consumer written. While I gained some info from consumer reviews, someone with your ability and intellect seems to give me a much better perspective because I, and the consumers who reviewed just don’t have the hands on time someone in your standing does.

    On a side note: I’ve read at least 10 reviews on your site. As someone with a very short attention span, all the reviews I’ve read are incredibly organized and easy to follow while at the same time not speaking to the reader as a simpleton. I also appreciate that you throw your flair on there and don’t come off as a 5 o’clock news anchor.

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Thanks Chris,

      Not sure yet on the GT1080, but the answer is probably. The question becomes more of “when.” At the moment I’m finishing off a BenQ HT1075, and have the Optoma HD141X on deck. I’m also expecting in the Epson Pro Cinema 9600e, and I have a Casio business projector that’s been here for a while which I have to get started on. Ultimately circling back to another Optoma in less than a month would be unlikely, with 4 already on my agenda, and considering that despite best intentions I average at least 10 days per review. (And I have to do a couple of videos as well.) Hang in there! -art