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News And Comments

  • Darryl Lowe

    Hi Art,

    Regarding the new website: I looks pretty good. It would be good if there was a Home button or tab, especially after opening a blog, so that we could get back to the start page. Also, it would be nice if there was a button or tab or somewhere to click to get to the Blog page as well…


  • Noah Katz

    So I’m at to register but all I see is News and Comments…


      The issue is that you are supposed to be at NOT pr.projectorreviews… How did you come to find this page? This is not the right location, it’s a duplicate. Give us as much information as possible so we can sort it out. Thanks!

  • Koen Calliauw

    Hi there,

    I was able to register for an account and am able to login on the top right of the site, but I don’t find the option to get the yearly pro subscription anywhere, I was never presented with an option to pay. Please take my money, anxiously awaiting to see a few full video reviews ;-)


    • Koen Calliauw

      OK, fixed, I had to logout and log back in, then I saw the link.

  • JOrik

    I was able to register, but I didn’t get any option to pay..

  • Victor Jr Pulos

    Hi art
    i like to know what is size of black bars on 2.40.1 movies?

  • Andreu Muñoz Pons

    Hi! I am trying to suscribe, but the web does not accept a gmail address…. If i try with my hotmail, then the web says that this address is already used, please help me!

  • Mshh Asiapac

    Hello.. We are Roly projector distributor outside china. We are keen to share our range of LCD projector types and would like seek out distributors worldwide. Our projectors equate to the market standard and would like plaform to share its performance.

  • Vitalij Charin

    very,very good product i am plieased with it!!!!!
    i did non expect such goof quality, i was pleassantly surprised when i turned on thefirst time!!!!!