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Education Projectors

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Image Review MRSP Technology
Ask Proxima C3327W-A LCD Projector Review$MSRP - 1069, Street Price - 7193LCD
Epson BrightLink 585Wi Projector Review$21993LCD
Ask Proxima E1655U LCD Projector Review$5999 MSRP with standard lens3LCD
ViewSonic PJD6544w Projector Review$839.99 DLP
Epson PowerLite 99W 3LCD Projector Review$7493LCD
Vivitek Qumi Q7 LED Projector – Review$999 street priceDLP
NEC NP-UM330W Ultra Short Throw Projector Review$1299LCD
Epson PowerLite 1965 3LCD XGA Projector Review$18993LCD
Sony VPL-FHZ55 Laser 3LCD Projector Review$4460 street price3LCD
Epson Powerlite Pro G6900WU Business Projector Review$64993LCD
Ricoh PJ WX4130N DLP Projector Review$1900DLP
Panasonic PT-RW430UK Projector Review$5499 (MSRP), 2999 (street price)DLP
Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi Interactive Projector Review$2,9993LCD
NEC NP-PE401H DLP Multimedia Projector Review$2,999DLP
Canon REALiS LE-5W Projector Review$799DLP
Optoma ML550 LED Projector Review$599DLP
HB Opto HBP503D Pocket Projector Review$600DLP
Epson Powerlite W16SK Projector Review$18993LCD
Casio XJ-H2650 LED/Laser XGA DLP Multimedia Projector Review$2499DLP
BenQ MS517 DLP Multimedia Projector Review$549DLP
Viewsonic PJD5533w DLP Multimedia Projector Review$599DLP
Optoma TW610STi+ DLP Projector Review$999DLP
Epson BrightLink 475Wi Ultra Short Throw WXGA Projector$2,1993LCD
BenQ LW61ST DLP Projector Review: For Business and Education$1,949DLP
Casio XJ-ST145 Short Throw XGA Projector – A Comparison$1,849DLP
Acer S5201M Projector Review$999DLP
Epson BrightLink 480i 3LCD Interactive Projector – A Comparison$1,9993LCD
Epson PowerLite 435W LCD Projector Review$11493LCD
Optoma ZX210ST Short Throw LED/Laser DLP Projector Review$1399DLP
Epson Powerlite Pro Z8450WU Commercial 3LCD Projector Review$14,9993LCD
Epson BrightLink 485Wi Interactive LCD Projector Review$21993LCD
Hitachi iPJ-AW250N Interactive LCD Projector Review$17993LCD
Mitsubishi WD380U-EST Ultra Short Throw WXGA DLP Projector Review$1,299DLP
Optoma ML500 DLP Projector Review$1,199DLP
Casio XJ-ST155 DLP Projector Review$2,049DLP
Viewsonic PLED-W500 LED Pocket Projector Review$840DLP
Acer K330 LED Pocket Projector Review$419DLP
Epson Powerlite VS350W WXGA LCD Multimedia Projector Review$9493LCD
Casio XJ-M145 LED/Laser XGA DLP Multimedia Projector Review$1199DLP
Vivitek QUMI Q2 LED DLP Pocket Projector Review$499DLP
Epson Powerlite Pro G5450WUNL 3LCD Projector Review$3,9993LCD
Epson PowerLite 92 3LCD Projector – A Comparison$6493LCD
Samsung SP-M255 3LCD Portable Projector – A Comparison$10993LCD
Samsung SP-M250 3LCD Portable Projector – A Comparison$6993LCD
BenQ MX880UST DLP Ultra-Short Throw Projector – A Comparison$2,799DLP
BenQ MX812ST DLP Interactive Whiteboard Projector – A Comparison-1$2,799DLP
Acer P5271i DLP Projector – A Comparison$749DLP
Acer X1161P DLP Projector – A Comparison-1$349DLP
BenQ MX810ST DLP Interactive Whiteboard Projector – A Comparison$1,999DLP
BenQ MW811ST DLP Interactive Whiteboard Projector – A Comparison$2,099DLP
Sony VPL-EX120 LCD Projector – A Comparison$8903LCD
Sony VPL-EX145 LCD Projector – A Comparison$1,1003LCD
BenQ MP776ST DLP Projector$2,499DLP
Sony VPL-EX100 LCD Projector – A Comparison$7503LCD
Sharp PG-D50X3D DLP Projector – A Comparison$2,995DLP
Sharp PG-D40W3D DLP Projector – A Comparison$2,795DLP
Sharp PG-D45X3D 3D Projector Review$2,795DLP
Hitachi CP-AW250N Ultra Short Throw LCD Multimedia Projector Review$3,4953LCD
Casio XJ-A250V WXGA DLP Projector Review$1420 -Street prices well under 1000DLP
Optoma TW675UTi-3D Interactive Projector Review$NullDLP
BenQ MP780 ST Short Throw WXGA Interactive DLP Projector Review$2,099DLP
Sony VPL-EX175 XGA LCD Projector Review$14203LCD
Epson Powerlite 96W WXGA LCD Multimedia Projector Review$8993LCD
Acer X1261P XGA Portable Projector Review$519DLP
Hitachi CP-X5021N LCD Multimedia Projector Review$2,7953LCD
InFocus IN3914 DLP Interactive Projector Review$1,699DLP
InFocus IN3916 & IN3914 DLP Interactive Projector Review$1425DLP
NEC NP216 DLP Multimedia Projector Review$1199DLP
Dell 1610HD DLP Multimedia Projector Review$999DLP

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