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Value Electronics 2022 Projector Shootout Event

Value Electronics Projector Shootout

Are you in the market for a new home projector, or are you curious about which projectors deliver the best performance for the price? Value Electronics, who is a Westchester County, N.Y.-based specialty electronics and custom electronics integrator, has partnered with a variety of manufacturers to allow you to compare some of this year’s best home projectors side by side. Value Electronics is hosting its annual Projector Shootout at The Company Building, 335 Madison Ave., New York City. The event will be divided into two days. The UST (ultra-short throw) Projector Shootout Evaluation event will begin at 9 a.m. EST […]

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Best Gaming Projectors For 2023

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The best gaming projectors and the three main factors that make a projector great for gaming: input lag, High Dynamic Range, and the projector’s audio capabilities. […]

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Best Home Theater Projectors For 2023

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Bring theater-level quality into your home with one of the best home theater projectors on the market. As more movies than ever release directly to streaming platforms, now is the best time to purchase a projector for your home theater. Having a projector as your primary viewing experience creates large pictures that offer immersion that can’t be found with a standard-sized TV. With all of the projectors on this list being 4k, you will get a great watching and gaming experience. Not to mention that projector-level quality comes at a fraction of the cost of an ultra-sized TV. Take a […]

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