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The Church projectors category includes a list of many of latest projectors suitable for church sanctuaries and multi-purpose rooms. Find below reviews of projectors and projector information pages. They are listed in order, most recent first.
Church Projectors, or House of Worship Projectors, are a wonderful way to captivate a large audience.
Church Projectors, or House of Worship Projectors, are a wonderful way to captivate a large audience.
Church Projectors come in a wide range of prices and features.  To keep things simple, think of it this way: Many Churches are looking for reasonably bright projector for their sanctuaries.  They use them for traditional purposes – showing hymnals, slide shows, events and more.  Other Churches though may plan more elaborate capabilities, including multi-screen displays, video projection of the speakers so that all can see, even to better show events and entertainment.

Church projector systems, in other words, run from the basic to sophisticated capabilities including advanced video.

Smaller churches may purchase moderately priced projectors in the $1000 range, while larger facilities may spend several thousand to $10,000+ on a projector, and may spend many tens of thousands of dollars for a multi-screen setup with all the trimmings.

Below find reviews of those projectors suitable for use in Houses of Worship.  In addition to the list of reviews, you’ll find links to other projectors suitable for Houses of Worship that we haven’t reviewed.  Specs and typically product brochures, are available for those projectors.  Some of the links on this page go to other similar pages, with other lists of projectors.

Church Projector Information

Projectors are used in churches are looking to present to congregations ranging in size from a couple hundred, to many thousands.  There is always a projector available that is suitable, in fact:

Projectors for Houses of Worship is considered a major market segment, one that is focused on (no pun intended) by many major players including Epson, Christie, NEC, Barco, InFocus and others.

Things to consider when searching for the right projector for your Church or other House of Worship:

  • Projector Brightness
  • Placement Flexibility
  • Overall Picture Quality
  • Projector Lamp Life
  • Resolution
  • What Advanced Features You Need
  • Warranty and Support
  • Best Projector Screen Solution For the Room

Bright Room / Living Room Projectors

Bright Room / Living Room Projectors REVIEWS

Image Review
LG HU85LA CineBeam ThinQ 4K Projector Review – UST Design Brings Quality Home Theater To Your Living Room LG HU85LA CineBeam ThinQ 4K Projector Review – UST Design Brings Quality Home Theater To Your Living Room
  • Review Date: August 13, 2019
  • MSRP:5999
  • Technology: DLP

More Site Info For House of Worship Projectors

Projector Reviews has created a video, discussing use of projectors in Houses of Worship of varying sizes and applications.

Here is the link:

 Using Large Venue Projectors in Houses of Worship

Brightness isn’t the only important factor.  Some projectors are simply better at producing good color in rooms with a lot of ambient light – which is usually the case in Houses of Worship.  This video considers the importance of having lots of color lumens, not just white ones, when comparing projectors.  It’s only been a few years since a color lumens standard was created, but it is important (our first discussion – inside a review – relating to this topic goes back to 2003 I believe):

 Color Brightness: An Important New Metric for Projectors

In addition you may find these more generic articles on projectors helpful in your decision making process:

How Do I Choose the Right Screen for My Projector?

Projection Screen Terminology and Advice

DLP vs. LCD vs. LCoS Overview

Although Houses of Worship and large Entertainment Venues sound very different, they have much in common, especially today where many churches put on live performances and want to project so all can see better, so while the focus is different, there is useful info here as well:

Using High Power Projectors in Entertainment Venues

One last thought!  Certainly finding the right projector or projectors, in terms of features,  for your Church is very important, it’s not the whole story.

Unless your house of worship is on a very limited DIY type budget, selecting the right dealer/integrator to provide the recommendations and the equipment, and install it for you is extremely important.  There are many such AV companies with extensive experience working with houses of worship.  Find a good one, with experience and comeptence for the level of sophistication your organization needs.

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