Projector Reviews

$2100 – $3500 1080p Home Theater Projectors-2

Mitsubishi HC6500, HC7000 projectors

These two look the same, until you turn them on. They basically have all the same functions. The big differences between them, is that the HC7000 is one of those “ultra-high-contrast” projectors, with much better black levels than the HC6500, and that, as they say, is why you pay the big bucks for the HC7000. Both offer very sharp images, and very good placement flexibility. They are both almost silent when it comes to fan noise, in fact their high power mode is typically quieter than almost anyone elses low power modes.

Both projectors are intended for local dealer only distribution, so they tend to cost more than some of their direct competition that is available online. Still, they are priced very well, when compared to other “local dealer only” projectors. The HC6500’s overall performance is similar to the lower cost HC5500, with the big difference being much better placement flexibility. The HC6500 is about average brightness in best mode, and also about average in brightest. That means 110″ diagonal is a good larger size for both movie and HDTV/Sports viewing. The HC7000 is not quite as bright and will likely work best on 100″ screens or less. Both sport a standard 2 year warranty.

Viewsonic Pro8100 projector

Viewsonic’s Pro8100 is above average in brightness, in both best, and brightest modes. This LCD projector is typical in terms of black level performance among the non “ultra-high-contrast” projectors. The unit itself is rather good looking, and they even have interchangeable covers, in case your room design calls for a dark red, a gray, black or white look. (Nice touch!) A three year warranty is better than most offer. The Pro8100 is officially sold only through local installing dealers, which makes it more expensive than comparable models sold online. It is nicely quiet, and overall a competitive projector. It sports a dynamic iris to help out with the black levels, but the iris action is more visible than on most others.