Projector Reviews

Photos Found In This Projector Report

Photos Found In This Projector Report

The vast majority of images in this report, can be clicked on, to open a much larger version in a new window, for closer inspection.

Take the images “with a grain of salt”. While many images give you a good relative idea of projector performance, especially those about black levels and shadow detail, they should not be used to determine which projector, for example, has the best color or film-like qualities. There is so much loss in getting the picture off the screen through my Olympus E510 (dSLR), through resizing and format converting (we start with RAW format – roughly 9 megabytes per image, and end up with about 100K (for the large images) jpgs when done). Color depth, dynamic range, and more gets compromised. Then there is other software related aspects, your browser, and, rather significantly, your monitor, which on its best day, isn’t remotely capable of faithfully reproducing the full original, even if we could get it to you.

The images are there to support my commentary, to educate you, to give you very useful comparisons (such as black level performance where the images are good guides), and finally, to entertain you. Hey, it’s fun looking at many of these images, from major movies, etc.

OK, that’s more than enough info to get you started. Have a blast!