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Compare Projectors – Epson 6100 vs PLV-Z700 – 6

Projector Performance

Projector Brightness

This is where there is no comparison. Because of the brightness differences between these projectors, the Sanyo is best on small screens, and can do a good job on up to about 110″ diagonal. The Epson on the other hand, hasn’t the slightest problem with a 110″ screen.

In “best” mode, the way we had the Sanyo set up, it put out 495 lumens compared to the Sanyo’s 252 in Creative Cinema mode. We could push more than double the output in Brilliant Cinema, but overall image quality is compromised a bit, though still very watchable.


The Epson can handle my 128″ screen reasonably well in TheaterBlack1, with dark walls, but I’d probably recommend going at least one screen size smaller.

Football time – and general TV, HDTV watching: Again, the Epson outmuscles the Sanyo with almost 1500 lumens compared to Sanyo’s just high of average 943 lumens. On the same sized screen that’s a very significant step up in power. It is enough difference to go from saying, “that image is washing out a bit”, compared to “that looks good, the image is still bright and dynamic”.

From my standpoint, the Epson is just going to be more fun for sports!

Big win for Epson.

What about sharpness

The PLV-Z700 is the sharper of the two projectors. It definitely, when watching them side by side, is visibly sharper. We’re not talking any great difference, but it’s there. On pure digital feeds, like a sporting event, or typical spectacular programming on channels like Discovery HD on high def, you go from very sharp, to really sharp, if you get my meaning. (But, not quite razor sharp – there are better still out there.)

Win for Sanyo.