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Compare Projectors – BenQ W5000 vs 6500UB – 5

Overall Look and Feel of the Picture

The BenQ W5000 has that DLP look and feel, very rich colors, especially dark ones, yet without looking over the top. The Epson Home Cinema 6500, though, is a little less natural – less film-like but more dynamic looking – what I call more “pop and wow”.

Picture Comparison

BenQ W5000
Epson Home Cinema 6500UB





The BenQ should be a touch more forgiving on poorer quality content (ie. standard TV, many standard DVDs). Dark scenes (desipte the rich dark colors of the BenQ) I prefer on the Epson. Those blacker blacks do make a difference.

Still, both projectors do tend to look pretty spectacular, neither ever look flat or dull, unless you run out of lumens for your room and screen size. I favor, overall, the Epson, but I fully understand the strengths of the BenQ. If the BenQ had just a little bit better black level performance…well, actually, if it did, it would be the much more expensive W20000.