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Compare Projectors – IN83 vs. JVC DLA-RS10 – 4

Shadow detail

Overall Look and Feel of the Picture

I must admit, that I love the look and feel of the IN83. One most scenes, it is very film-like, and extremely natural looking. At the same time, the IN83 has a bit more “pop and wow” factor. That said, the advantage is slight, on both average and bright scenes. When dark scenes are on the screen, the black level advantage of the JVC (despite the somewhat offsetting better shadow detail of the InFocus), makes dark scenes noticeably better, and more dynamic looking.

Bottom Line in terms of image quality

Despite the IN83’s advantage in terms of skin tones, slight edge in color accuracy, and better shadow detail, I have to give the advantage to the JVC RS10, for its bigger advantage in achieving blacker blacks.

In terms of the dynamics of the image, I’ll call them tied. The JVC RS10 has a more dynamic look on dark scenes (thanks to the black levels), but the IN83 definitely has more “pop” on typical, and very bright images. For TV, HDTV, and especially sports on HDTV, I definitely have to pick the IN83, but for movies, the JVC gets the nod.