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Compare Projectors – – IN83 vs. JVC DLA-RS10 – 5

JVC RS10, IN83 Projector Performance

Projector Brightness

The advantage definitely goes to InFocus. While the IN83 and DLA-RS10 are almost identical in brightness in their “best” modes (within 5%), when you go to “brightest” mode, the JVC barely gets brighter, while the IN83 now becomes 60% brighter than the JVC. The IN83 can tackle significantly more ambient light while maintaining a dynamic looking image! Oh I wish my RS20 (same brightness as the RS10) could match the IN83 in “brightest” mode. I’d just love that for my football games!

What about sharpness

All 1080p projectors appear very sharp. Some are just sharper than others. The JVC is one of those projectors we classify as average sharpness. By comparison, the IN83 is perhaps the sharpest of the “sharper still” group. Side by side, the difference are very apparent. Still, if you are watching content on the JVC, you aren’t going to feel like you are missing sharpness. It’s only after you see the IN83, that you understand that there is sharper still, than the RS10. I believe you will agree with me, that the sharpness differences, are more noticeable on digital content rather than film. Thus, you would tend to notice any difference more on your favorite Discovery HD channel or sports broadcast in HD, than on movies.

Audible noise

Neither projector is considered to be quiet. In actuality, the JVC is about average, and the IN83 a little noisier than the JVC. That said, I suspect only those who are particularly noise adverse will have an issue with the IN83, although keep in mind that placement might be a factor – If the IN83 is right over your head, you are going to hear it! On the other hand, the projector is bright! Dropping it into its much quieter low power mode, still leaves you with a pretty bright “best” mode although no longer as bright as the JVC, but in low power mode (again, compared to the JVC at full power), it’s still a good 30-40% brighter in “brightest” mode.

InFocus IN83 vs. DLA-RS10 Special Features

Not much to offer up here. Neither projector has significant “special features”. Both have manual irises (the InFocus has far more steps, for more precise adjustment, but that’s a minor point). Neither offer Creative Frame Interpolation. Both provide internal support for an anamorphic lens.

InFocus IN83 vs JVC RS10 Bottom Line

I have to go with the JVC DLA-RS10 as the better overall projector. Of course it has the huge advantage in placement flexibility, but if that’s not an issue for you, then it’s also not a factor. Both produce excellent pictures, but with the IN83 being slightly more natural and accurate in color, while the JVC has truly superior black level performance. The other key factor that will influence many people’s decisions is brightness. While the two projectors are almost identical in their “best” modes, the IN83 is much brighter, when comparing “brightest” modes. For some, that’s a really important advantage. For movies, I definitely favor the JVC, but for sports viewing, it’s no contest, the IN83 wins hands down, with more brightness, and more pop to the image.

For all I complain about the IN83’s black levels, they really aren’t bad, they would be considered very good compared to many projectors in this report, just not those of the ultra-high-contrast variety, which primarily consists of a number of the 3LCD projectors, the two JVC’s, the Planar, and the BenQ W20000.

As I have said in the past, it really is a shame that the IN83 doesn’t have a dynamic iris. If it did, the black level performance in dark scenes should improve significantly, and it just might have been the better projector. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll get to try again, with an IN84? Meantime, this is what is out there.

One last thought. Pair the IN83 with a good HC Gray surfaced screen, compared to the JVC RS10 on a white surface, and the black level difference becomes definitely less noticeable. I would strongly recommend a high contrast gray screen to partner with the IN83. With the RS10, you could go either way. The blacks are sufficiently dark that the projector doesn’t demand the gray screen, but it still further improves the black levels. (Even my RS20 looks better on my Firehawk G3 – which is an HC gray surface).

Tough choice between these two. We’ve discussed the primary differences, now it’s time for you to sort through your requirements and pick the one best for your layout. Either one will provide an excellent viewing experience!