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Compare Projectors – Epson 6500UB vs. 6100 – 4

Special Features

Epson Home Cinema 6500UB Creative Frame Interpolation

Epson has put creative frame interpolation in the 6500UB. This is a new feature only found in 3 different projectors on the market right now (four if you count the almost identical Epson Pro Cinema 7500UB separately. Epson tries to do a lot, but has limited success. It does just fine doubling standard 60 fps to 120 fps by adding a “creative frame” in between each pair, but trips up (quite a bit) when trying to add 4 frames between each pair with 24fps (movies). We don’t recommend using that. Overall, their CFI works well for sports.

The Home Cinema 6100, by comparison, lacks any CFI, so, while not all of Epson’s CFI modes provide benefit, it picks up an advantage here, for the ones that do work well.

You’ll find extensive information regarding CFI, and the issues, on the site, in the 6500UB review, and in multiple blogs. That said, it should be kept in perspective, and not a big deal.

Home Cinema 6500UB vs. Home Cinema 6100 Bottom Line

Click to enlarge. So close. Two excellent values here. As I see it, I can think of only three reasons, however to choose the Home Cinema 6100: First, your budget. Anyway you slice it, (at least in the US), the Home Cinema 6500 costs about 1/3 more – roughly $600 at this time.

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The second reason for buying the 6100 is that you just want a really good projector and aren’t concerned about the black level performance difference. The Home Cinema 6100 is an excellent projector in its own right, it’s just that the 6500UB is better, primarily thanks to the black level performance difference. Lastly, you are placing the projector in a room that can’t be fully darkened, so the bulk of the advantage in black level performance is lost.

The Home Cinema 6500 does have additional advantages – the better CFI modes, being one example. The higher frame rate abilities are another. Lastly, the newer LCD panels may offer longer life.

Buy the Home Cinema 6500UB, if you can, but if you aren’t really into the last 5% of performance, the Home Cinema 6100 will serve you extremely well. I have an Epson Ensemble HD 1080 system in my second theater. I have been able to swap out the standard older Home Cinema 1080, for the Home Cinema 1080 UB. Basically, those are the older versions of these two Epsons. I can appreciate the difference, thanks to the better black levels, but, I must admit, I don’t think my wife has noticed any difference, and she uses the room more than I. (To be fair, she mostly watches TV in there, not movies).

Take your pick. In our comparisons you won’t get an easier decision between two projectors – you’ve got “Best In Class” and “Even Better” so to speak.