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Compare Projectors – JVC DLA-RS10 vs. RS20 – 3

Black level performance: Comparision

RS10 vs RS20 spacecowboys satellite
RS10 vs RS20 spacecowboys satellite
RS10 vs RS20 spacecowboys satellite over

Shadow detail

Both projectors have extremely good, but not the absolute best, shadow detail. In making that statement, I must note, that near blacks are darker than on other projectors because the JVC projectors start with blacker blacks than the competition. That makes it harder to spot the very darkest shadow detail, but it’s there.

The image immediately above from Men In Black, is a pretty dark image, intentionally well overexposed, and is a good image to consider the combined black level and shadow detail performance of the RS10 (left) and RS20. Please don’t worry about the noticeable color shift between the two on the really dark images, as they are taken with fairly long time exposures, and color differences tend to be noticeably exaggerated in such cases. It’s harder to see the dark shadow detail on the RS20 (look to the clouds on the right), but the detail is there. On scenes like several of these, the better black levels of the RS20 give the projected image visibly more “pop”. You can’t help but love the RS20’s great black level performance!

Color accuracy

20 IRE 6418K (very dark gray)
30 IRE 6540K (dark gray)
40 IRE 6716K
50 IRE 6792K (medium gray)
60 IRE 6659K
70 IRE 6623K
80 IRE 6557K (light gray)
90 IRE 6453K
100 IRE 6423K (white)

I’ve already mentioned the out of the box picture quality. Here we discuss post calibration performance. Once we got a handle on the quirks of the RS20’s CMS, we were able to obtain excellent final color. Attempting to achieve the ideal 6500K color temp, we ended up with this:

By comparison, the RS10 was very similar
20 IRE 6553K (very dark gray)
30 IRE 6489K (dark gray)
40 IRE 6538K
50 IRE 6695K (medium gray)
60 IRE 6595K
70 IRE 6582K
80 IRE 6544K (light gray)
90 IRE 6470K
100 IRE 6472K (white)

There are differences, though, that those almost identical sets of numbers don’t reveal. With the RS20, the CMS allows you to “perfect” each of the primary and secondary colors, as a result, the RS20 does have a slightly better, more natural final picture. The slight color temp differences, as well as the RS20’s ability to adjust for oversaturated individual colors, tends to explain the slight additional red of the RS10 found in the dark areas in multiple images above, as well as those below. Please note that, while side-by-side images make it easy to see subtle differences, and thus make you wonder which is right, which is wrong, both, by themselves can look excellent and accurate. (Try covering up one of the two and look at it for a bit. Then do the same, for the other). Keep in mind, our images, by the time they filter down through the camera, the software, and your monitor, tend to exaggerate differences, compared to the original, projected side-by-side images.