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Compare Projectors – Epson 6500UB vs. 6100 – 3

Projector Performance

Projector Brightness

Although the Home Cinema 6100 claims an extra 200 lumens, we couldn’t find them!

The Home Cinema 6500UB claims 1600 lumens, compared to the 6100’s 1800 lumen claim. However, both projectors we measured were within a few lumens of each other after calibration. I’ve got to call this a tie! Anyway you slice it, though, both are pretty bright in “best” mode, and easily the brightest of all the competition we’ve reviewed near their price

What About Sharpness

Same optics, etc. No discernable difference as far as I’m concerned. Both Epson’s exhbited some defocus issues as the projectors warm up, but Epson has already made changes to correct that. We haven’t tested the updated versions, but of the two original Epsons we had here, the 6500UB did not exhbit any defocusing that you would normally notice at typical seating distance. The 6100 exhibited more, but simply waiting until it was warmed up, before doing a final focus, was sufficient for our purposes, as When first powered up, even then, with our sample, the amount of out-of-focus was slight, and not normally noticeable, unless you put up a menu or other “signage”. Hey, it takes projectors 5-10 minutes just for colors to stabilize, as the lamp comes up to full temperature.