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Compare Projectors – Epson 6100 vs PLV-Z700 – 3

Black level performance : Comparision

Epson 6100 spacecowboys clintdarkroom
PLV-Z700 spacecowboys clintdarkroom
Epson 6100 spacecowboys clintdarkroom

Shadow detail

Both projectors do a really good, if not excellent, job in terms of dark shadow details. On the left is the Epson. The photos are slightly overexposed to make it easier to see the details in the satellite. On this particular cropped image, the Epson shows as contrastier, but compare the really darkest areas of both for detail. (Please note, the Epson focus was off on this image. Sorry!)

Shadow detail : Comparision

PLV-Z700 spacecowboys walk1
Epson 6100 spacecowboys walk1
PLV-Z700 spacecowboys walk