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Sony HDR Projection Reimagined

December 1, 2020

VPL-GTZ380 Could Be A Game-Changing HDR Projector In this month’s article sponsored by Sony, we explore the challenges of projecting HDR.  Higher-end projectors like Sony’s newly introduced GTZ380 uti

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BenQ Defines The Gaming Projector – It’s The Future of Projector Gaming

October 29, 2020

Seeing Beyond Input Lag & Resolution Anyone familiar with our writing on Projector Reviews might scoff at the thought that input lag and resolution aren’t the only two features to consider while g

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Sony’s Powerful Video Processing Delivers A Better HDR Picture

October 5, 2020

The topic of this month’s sponsored article is video processing and its impact on a projector’s SDR and HDR picture quality. Video processing separates one video display from another because it impact

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The Compelling Case for Projectors with Integrated Smart Capabilities

September 1, 2020

In this month’s article sponsored by BenQ, we’ll be discussing “Smart” projectors and what to look for when evaluating smart, versus really smart. Smart technologies are nothing new. If you’ve been ar

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TI DLP® Technology Meets LED, Gets Brighter, and Together, Take On Traditional Lamp Projectors!

August 3, 2020

TI DLP® Technology has ruled in Digital Cinemas for two decades. Now, DLP® chipsets are being combined with the newest, highly efficient LED light engines to challenge lamp technology in the mainstrea

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VAVA’s Laser TV Delivers An Affordable 4K Viewing Experience For Your Home: Whether in your Theater, Living Room, or Family Room, Immerse Your Family With the Wow Factor of a Movie Theater

July 1, 2020

New Laser TV to enjoy a “big screen” 4K experience in more flexible spaces in your home.

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Be Amazed: Using Panasonic Commercial Laser Projector For Higher Education and Houses Of Worship Applications. And See Imagery of Panasonic Projectors Doing Incredible Things

June 22, 2020

Panasonic’s latest laser projector for education application, houses of worship, digital signage and more!

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