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1080p Home Theater Projector Comparison Report – Image Quality23


Ditto for the DLA-RS25. This one, at least measured where we expected it to be, which was a little over 850 lumens when we measured it. The difference between the RS25 and the RS15, when it comes to sports and HDTV is simply this: The RS25 has better color, and it’s got amazing black levels. Those two, combine to make folks like me settle for less HDTV/sports performance, in favor of a more exceptional image for movie viewing. Note, again, sharpness is typically average.


Just like the RS25, but more of the same. The DLA-RS35 measured a bit lower 781 brightest mode lumens (JVC says no particular reason an RS35 would measure less than an RS25 (so, again, lamp variation?). There is a big difference though between the RS35 and the RS25 for sports, and that is the sharpness difference we observed based on the far better pixel alignment of the RS35. I still would ask for another 300 – 500+ lumens, but the sharpness appeals to me (expecially as an RS20 owner who’s been living with JVC brightness for over 2 years now (first the RS1, then the RS20).

Optoma HD8600

The HD8600 is a particularly good sports and HDTV content projector. It has similar brightness to the InFocus when mounting at normal heights and at mid-point on the zoom, but with ideal placement the InFocus does better. (Hey, if you have to mount further back, it’s the Optoma that’s likely to be the brighter.

What the Optoma has going for it, is one of the very sharpest images in the entire report. I do recall it looking particularly good on sports. That same sharpness, also works great with my favorite Discovery HD, Travel HD and other HD content.

Planar PD8150

Here we go again. A beautiful projector but not enough lumens for the sports with some ambient light. A measured 606 lumens just doesn’t cut it. For the rest of the quality digital content on HDTV, it does great – as long as you keep the lights off, and the blackout shades closed.