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Compare Projectors – JVC DLA-RS25 vs. JVC DLA-RS35

Best vs. second best? Yes, that’s how I scored these two. The JVC DLA-RS35 – also sold by their consumer division as the DLA HD990, is technically nothing more than a projector built with the best of the JVC DLA RS25’s parts. By handpicking the lenses, optical engines, power supplies, etc., JVC believes the RS35 projector will look visibly better than the standard RS25. Is the JVC RS35 and HD990 worth $2000 more than the RS25 or HD950? That’s the question we’ll try to answer below. I leave you to read this comparison, with one last thought: In this case, I do believe that the final product – the RS35, is greater than the sum of its parts. That is, I found more difference between the two projectors than I expected to. Read on!

JVC RS25 vs JVC RS35 Projector Overview

Technically they are the same projector. Same parts, same warranty, same electronics. The JVC DLA-RS25 picked up our Best In Class, Runnder-Up award this year, in the $3500 – $10,000 class. At $8,000 MSRP, the RS25 is one of the most expensive projectors we’ve reviewed of late, but it’s still $2000 less than the essentially identical RS35 projector. The JVC DLA-RS35, by comparison, is a nice even $10,000 MSRP.

Last year, when comparing two older JVCs, I said “Comparing two similar projectors from the same manufacturer is pretty easy.” Well comparing these two projectors – the RS25 and RS35 is even easier still. Afterall, they are technically the same product. What we have here is a great projector, the JVC DLA-RS25, and one that’s even better – the DLA-RS35, by virtue of being built only from the best of the RS25 parts. Please note, these two are sold by JVC’s Pro division. Virtually identical versions are available from JVC’s Consumer division. Those models are the HD950 and HD990, respectivcely.

The JVC RS25 to keep things simple, had the best black level performance of any projector I have ever worked with, at any price, when reviewed end of last year. But, ultimately, timing is everything. In Janauary I reiceived the RS35 for review, and it didn’t take me long to determine it was performing better.

Both projectors look the exactly the same, but for the model number. These are LCoS projectors. JVC manufactures its own LCoS panels, under the trade-name D-iLA. Their LCoS panels seem to have significantly better contrast than those of any other manufacturer that I’m aware of.

This page is intended to help you decide which one is right for you!