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Compare Projectors – InFocus SP8602 vs. JVC DLA-RS15 3

InFocus SP8602 vs. JVC DLA-RS15 Picture Quality

Comparing the Projectors’ Picture Quality

First, the good news. I did have the RS15 and the SP8602 visiting here at the same time. And I was wise enough to do a side by side shoot between the two. I have comparsion images from Casino Royale and Space Cowboys for your consideration. That should give you a taste of some of the differences.

Skin Tones

The JVC RS15 does not have as sophisticated a color management system as the more expensive JVCs. Still it’s out of the box performance is already rather accurate, and very good on skin tones. Still, you can’t improve them much at all. The end result is still really good skin tones, excellent compared to most projectors. When it comes to color though, InFocus projectors rarely perform like other projectors. Last year I flat out said that the best color we saw all year was the InFocus IN83. This year, again, the InFocus is about as good as it gets. I’m not saying that the SP8602 calibrated as perfectly as the IN83 did last year, but the skin tones still proved to be excellent. Better, slightly, but for sure, than my RS20 (which has better color controls than the RS15). Remember, when you view these images, that the camera/software/your display, are changing the colors enough that these images in their own right, cannot be taken as proof of the SP8602’s advantage over the DLA-RS15 or for that matter the JVC HD5500 projector.

One thing you will note is that the JVC images are a bit more contrasty. This most likely relates to the JVC likely measuring a higher gamma overall, than the InFocus. In other words, something you can adjust.

In all the comparative, the InFocus SP8602 is on the left, and the JVC DLA-RS15.

It is interesting in these images, how similar the skin tones are, yet, look at Bond’s suit in the image. The colors there are far more different than in the skin tones.