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Compare Projectors – InFocus SP8602 vs. JVC DLA-RS15 5

InFocus SP8602 vs. JVC DLA-RS15 Shadow detail

Both projectors offer really good shadow detail, but the InFocus seems to have a slight advantage. You can see just a touch more detail in the shrubs on the far right behind the train tracks. Remembering that a simple adjustment of +1 (or -1) to brightness, can make a difference this slight. In other words, while the InFocus looks a touch better, that may not be the case if someone else sets up and calibrates. I’d call these pretty much a tie. That is, don’t worry about shadow detail.

A few additional images from each projector: First, three side by side images from The Dark Knight, and one from Space Cowboys.

The next two images are from the SP8602, then the last two are from the JVC DLA-RS15.

JVC images start here:

Overall Look and Feel of the Picture

The InFocus is typically a bit brighter, and more dynamic looking when the gamma’s are set about the same. I do prefer its skin tones over the JVC. That is to say, that overall, the InFocus has a touch more pop to most images. It’s not that the InFocus is in any way, “over the top” but rather that the RS15, is if anything, a touch subdued.