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Compare Projectors – InFocus SP8602 vs. JVC DLA-RS15 4

InFocus SP8602 Black level performance

I am so pleased that InFocus came back this year with a replacement for the IN83, that has a dynamic iris. The glaring weakness of the old IN83 was it’s poor (for its price) black level performance, which, due to DLP technology, but no dynamic iris, wasn’t much better than $1500 – $2000 DLP projectors, and no match for those $2000ish ultra-high contrast 3LCD projectors like the Epson 8500UB / 9500UB, or the Panasonic PT-AE3000 or PT-AE4000.

Black level Comparison

InFocus SP8602



The InFocus SP8602’s dynamic iris allows the InFocus projector to offer up some very impressive black levels. While at it’s very best, the SP8602 might be able to match the blacks performance of the JVC RS15, for the most part, it comes up a bit shy. That said, this is still, very much an ultra-high contrast projector.

To position the InFocus in terms of black performance: Below is the Space Cowboys “stars” image again, this time the InFocus is on the left, and the Epson 9500UB on the right. This demonstrates that on dark scenes, the InFocus rivals the Epson, which has the best black level performance of any under $4000 projector. (The InFocus has better color). In fact few projectors under $10,000 can best that Epson, which is why we use it as a reference projector.