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Compare Projectors-BenQ W6000 vs. LG CF181D Home Projectors Compared 4

Overall Look and Feel of the Picture

The LG has that comfortable big image feel to it. It shines best on medium and especially bright scenes. On very dark scenes, on the other hand, it lacks the punch of the BenQ. The BenQ will, on the same types of brighter scenes will seem a touch darker, and gamma likely has to do with that, but also because the BenQ’s darker colors seem very rich. I’ve always said that Medium to dark scenes are where the W6000 really stands out, in a comparison like this.

Click to enlarge. SO close

Hey, don’t forget, I get to work with exactly one of each projector, and Mike’s doing the calibrating. When I’m describing things as being rather close, remember that I might have a slightly different opinion with someone else doing the calibrating. It’s still part art, not all science.

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Projector Performance

Oh what fun, two of the brightest projectors in the entire report, go head to head.

Projector Brightness

The LG CF181D measured a whopping 898 lumens in “best mode”, while the BenQ W6000 projector, with Brilliant Color turned off, was right up there at 866 lumens. If you turn Brilliant Color on the image is a little less natural than the LG, but lumens jump to 1039.

Comparing the brightest modes, the BenQ’s got the LG beat, with 1750 lumens compared to a still one of the brightest at 1380 lumens. The thing is, the BenQ’s color is way too green so you only want to use their Dynamic mode when absolutely necessary. The BenQ does have a far better looking 2nd brightest mode, which still puts 1250 lumens on the screen.

Bottom line – this has to be a tie!

And the Sharpness?

The advantage in sharpness goes to the single chip DLP projector, the W6000. The LG’s sharpness is nice – average. The BenQ is just sharper. Below: W6000 on the left, CF181D on the right.