Projector Reviews

Compare Projectors – JVC DLA-RS25 vs. JVC DLA-RS35 2

Physical Attributes

The two projectors are indentical. I won’t repeat all the features such as specs for lens throw, lens shift, etc., as you’ll find them in either review.

Focus, zoom, and lens shift are all motorized. The lens is mounted slightly off center, and recessed, and as a nice touch, a motorized door closes in front of the lens, when the projector is turned off. That will keep dust and spiderwebs off of the lens.

Physically, the projectors are fairly large, deeper, than wide, and are very attractive looking – with a shiny piano black finish, and just enough gold trim (around the lens, and a line from front to back on the top and one on each side), to have a very classy look. No sharp edges, the DLA-RS25 and DLA-RS35 have clean lines. The wife won’t have any aesthetic issues with these subdued lookers!

The control panels are located on the top, and the cable connection area – inputs and outputs are located along the right side (looking at the projector from the front). Many have mixed feelings about placing cable connections on the side, but in my room, they are on the side away from the entrance to the theater, so they couldn’t be better placed. They have two HDMI 1.3 inputs.

Both have a single component video input, and also a 12 volt screen trigger, and a standard analog computer input.

In summary: Excellent placement flexibility, motorized everything, excellent physical appearance.

Picture Quality

Comparing the Projector’s Picture Quality

It makes a difference. No really significant differences though. The RS35’s black level performance is better than the RS25’s but it is slight. I didn’t have the RS25 and RS35 at the same time. I was able to determine the RS35’s advantage by having extensively compared the RS25 to my RS20, then the RS35 to my RS20. I found the difference between the RS25 and my RS20, to be less than between mine and the RS35. In fact I would say the RS35 beat the RS25, by more than the RS25 beat my RS20.

Whoa, this is starting to read like “who’s on first?”

Color accuracy was comparable on both projectors. They both calibrated slightly differently and looked a touch different, but they are obviously “the same projector”. They were also slightly different when comparing their THX modes. I’ll therefore assume any really minor color differences are the result of the lamps. On that note, hand picked components or not, this RS35 measured a little less bright than the RS25.

The first four images below, were taken while using the RS35.