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Compare Projectors – InFocus SP8602 vs. JVC DLA-RS15

Last year we loved the InFocus SP8602’s predecessor, and we had plenty of praise of the older version of the JVC DLA-RS15. In fact we had an IN83 vs. DLA-RS10 comparison last year. This year the comparison between the “entry level” JVC RS15, and the completely redesigned InFocus SP8602 results in some very different conclusions. It should be noted that the JVC DLA-RS15 is sold by their Pro group, and the virtually identical JVC DLA-HD550, is sold by the JVC Consumer division. While there is a very slight spec difference between the two, perhaps the most significant difference is that the JVC RS15’s trim is gold vs. the HD550’s silver.

InFocus SP8602 vs. JVC RS15 Projector Overview

Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight’s contest is between InFocus’es newly launched heavyweight of their home theater projector lineup – the SP8602, and what is technically JVC’s “light weight” (in that it’s their least expensive) projector. There is, however, nothing lightweight about the RS15’s performance, it’s a slugger in its own right. The InFocus SP8602 won a Best In Class – Runner-up award. Impressive! The JVC RS15 received only a Hot Product award, but in fairness, you have to remember that the RS15’s two “bigger brothers” – the RS35 – received Best In Class, and the RS25, tied the InFocus with a Runner-up award.

These two projectors are markedly different. The InFocus SP8602 is a single chip DLP home projector while the JVC DLA-RS15 projector sports 3 LCoS panels (which they call D-iLA, much as Sony calls their LCoS panels SXRD). Both, however are extremely impressive, and excellent overall.