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Compare Projectors – Epson 8100 vs. Epson 8500UB 4

Epson Projectors - the Bottom Line: Home Cinema 8500UB vs. Home Cinema 8100

I’ve made my position clear. While I do think the Home Cinema 8100 is one of the best home projectors priced between $1000 and $2000, the Epson Home Cinema 8500UB is worth the extra. First of all, there really isn’t anything that the Home Cinema 8100 can do better than the 8500UB, except save you some bucks, and perhaps a touch better dark shadow detail.

With dramatically blacker blacks, that alone is enough to rationalize the cost difference. Throw in respectable creative frame interpolation, and it solidifies the advantage. Two projectors – basically what they put on the screen looks about the same – skin tones, general color handling, etc., so it comes down to how much more you will be to go from “very good” to “best” (under $4K) in overall performance.

One last thought – both these projectors are notable for their extremely low cost of ownership thanks to affordable, extremely long life lamps. As I’ve pointed out, thanks to the lamp aspect, if you plan to keep your projector for several years, and use it fairly often, either Epson can save you $400 – $1200 in long term costs, depending on how long, and how much you use it. Owning either Epson, to get to 8000 hours use at full lamp power, requires only one additional lamp. With most of the competition, you would need 3 extra lamps, and worse, the Epson lamp costs less than most of the competitions’.

So, if you are using your projector for more than just a couple or 3 movies a week, I mean if you watch TV on it, sports, and movies, to the tune of 20 – 40+ hours a week, these two projectors become two of the least expensive out there.

It’s your money! Choose wisely.