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Compare Projectors-BenQ W6000 vs. LG CF181D Home Projectors Compared 3

Shadow detail

Almost a tie. I’ll give the slightest advantage – an insignificant one, to the LG CF181D projector. You can compare the two projectors in the Casino Royale train images (W6000 first, of course.) You’ll note that the blacks on the W6000 are at least as dark as the LG, but all the brighter areas of this very dark scene (badly overexposed), are much brighter than the LG – more dynamic range, thanks to the blacker blacks.

W6000 bond train large
LG CF181D bond train large

Color accuracy

The BenQ W6000 isn’t particularly great, right out of the box. With Brilliant Color off, the image is pretty good, but a touch thin on green. With it on, it’s way strong on reds and still thin on greens. By comparison, the LG, out of the box, I described as being “pretty good, just lacking a little red”. Advantage: LG CF181D

Once both projectors were calibrated it becomes really close. I just love the LG’s skin tones. The BenQ’s right up there but finishes a close second in that regard. Other than the different feel of the projector’s I’d say that which one is actually the best, is probably going to be determined by the quality of any calibration. If you don’t even want to bother, and just go plug and play, then, by all means, the LG gets a win, otherwise, let’s call Color Accuracy a tie.

Keep in mind, we’re talking about “best mode” performance. When both are at brightest, the BenQ goes very green, poor color, but it’s next brightest mode is comparable to the LG’s brightest in terms of color, and is almost as bright.

W6000 solace woman large
LG CF181D solace woman large