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Compare Projectors – JVC DLA-RS25 vs. JVC DLA-RS35 5

Shadow detail

Both projectors have extremely good, but not the absolute best, shadow detail.

RS25 image of the night train in Casino Royale, followed by the RS35’s effort on the same image. (The RS25 has the slightly brighter photo.

Shadow detail Comparison

JVC-RS35 Train
DLA-RS25 Train






Other than that, they really do seem to be the same projector. What a coincidence.

Shadow detail Comparison

JVC-RS35 Saucers
DLA-RS25 Saucers






The image immediately above from Men In Black, is a pretty dark image, intentionally well overexposed, and is a good image to consider the black level and shadow detail performance of the RS35 (top) and RS25 (bottom).

Between the slightly different exposures and the whole process of getting these images onto your screen, I doubt you can tell anything, other than they certainly look like the same projector with perhaps slightly different settings. As expected!