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JMGO Partners With Leica To Enhance The Optics Of Their New O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

By Ken Carter Short Throw Projection Just Got Shorter. Leica Camera and JMGO have partnered together to produce a new Ultra-Short-Throw Projector called the O1 Pro. For those who are not familiar with JMGO, they are one of China’s leading projector manufacturers. Optics have a huge impact on the performance of any projector, so in 2020, Leica embarked on the co-engineering journey with JMGO. They jointly developed and optimized an optical engine to achieve the best possible image quality from JMGO’s lineup of smart LED ultra-short throw projectors. After 12 months of development, JMGO O1 Pro, co-engineered with Leica, made […]

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